What is PHP and how to use it?


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor language. It is a server side scripting language and its open source script which you can use without any license and agreements. It’s containing 1000s of reserve keywords, statements, variable, constants, functions and classes. It’s very easy to learn and use because there is freedom of data types, variable and you can include php code with html in same page.

PHP is an open source server-side language which is used for creating dynamic web pages. It can be embedded into HTML. PHP is usually used in conjunction with a MySQL database on Linux/UNIX web servers. It is probably the most popular scripting language.

When we talk about creating a website there are 2 sides always involved one is Server Side, and other one is Client Side.

Server Side: all the activities and actions taken by server code before displaying html to user browser called server side. Server where we keep all our files in a domain folder which can access by all over the world users.

Client Side: User side when any user browse website on his PC and use that website called client side.

When you need to create dynamic websites you can use php to manage all server actions for manipulate database and content of website.

Basic syntax to write php in a given particular tags <?php write php statements here ?>

Inside these tags you can write complete website codes to generate html and JavaScript on run time on server. HTML and PHP can be use to create dynamic website and both depends on each other because html used to design front end layout of a web page other side php manage all its dynamic content on server before display that html on client browser.

There are so many predefined functions available in php same as all other programming languages have. PHP also support class and Opps Concept to build robust web projects like facebook and google.

PHP much faster and secure language to manage and build secure projects . There are more than 70% websites are developed on php and millions open source scripts are available for different kind of need and all those are developed in php such as wordpress CMS , Joomla CMS, Open Cart E-commerce Script.

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