5 Free Softwares to use in Website Development Business.


There are millions software which we can use for free and make over our web development business. For these softwares you don’t need to pay any single penny to use them or distribute them. When you want to grow with your business paid softwares cost and premium services can take 50% of your business earnings so its better to use these free softwares to save your money and grow your business on next step growth.

These software are most usable and free to use such as.

FileZilla: filezilla is free software which can be use for FTP. With this software you can connect your server to your local PC and upload and download files of a website. There are so many paid FTP softwares also available but best you can use FileZilla for free. Filezilla have so many features to manage complete file transfer and edit files and folders on server without any risk and hazel.

Xammp: Xammp is local server by which you can test and deploy your web project on localhost before uploading on main server . Xammp contains inbuild PHP, Mysql, PhpMyadmin, filezilla, Mercurry and Tomcat. Great package of complete features Apache web server to build dynamic website and test them locally.

Livezilla Chat Software: When you have your online business but don’t have budget to but premium chat services for your website, you can use Livezilla it’s a free for one operator and premium version also available. So once your business grow and need more operator chat options you can go with premium plan. It’s great software for free chat on your website to your local support.

Skype: Live instant messenger for free which you can use to talk and discuss with your clients and team members to manage projects and get SRS from clients. Biggest benefit of Skype is you can call your customers on their phone and their PCs any time anywhere. So using Skype can help your business grow faster. Skype provides Video Calls, Transfer files, instant messaging and much more for free and paid mobile calling worldwide, for mobile calling you need buy credits to use them.

WordPress: WordPress is a open source CMS, by which we can create all kind of websites faster and without knowing even single line of code. Just download wordpress from wordpress.org and install it on your domain to create website. There are millions plugin and theme available for free to create different websites. Most power full CMS on the net and using by 60% of web developers and designers. All the bloggers and use it and grow their blog very fast. You can manage Posts and Categories and Pages very easily. Seo Friendly urls and responsive themes make it most usable cms on internet.


So, these are 5 free softwares which can help you to grow in your web development business and enjoy them.

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