What is SEO and how to do myself on my website?


Seo is stands for Search engine Optimization. By which you can make optimize your website get higher rank in Google and other search engines and bring your website on Google first page. Because, if your website come up on first page you will get more and more traffic on your website.

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s”

More traffic will drive more business. So, SEO actually compulsory now days for any website, without SEO its very hard to bring your website on first page of different search engines. As you know that, for each topic there are millions websites worldwide. And you need to bring your website on top among them.

How to do it on my website?
To do SEO on your website first thing you need to understand few terms of it. And you need to follow some standard rules to do it.

Page Title and Page Name:  Your website must have page name very related to given content on that page and its should proper containing keywords and you can use (-) dashes or (_) hyphen in URL which is called SEO friendly urls.

Your Page should contain content related keywords and Tile should be 66 characters long. There so many articles which say different opinion about this. Page title Google used to display on its page as link title of that page. So, it should be meaning full to understand visitor search.

Page Description:  Page description also displayed by search engines on their page to explain more about that link. So, it must be more detailed about your content page and must be 150 characters long. If you write longer description that will not be display on search engines page and visitor will get less info about your site and page. For whatever keywords you are doing SEO you need to use that 3% to 7% in your content not more than that. It should not look like that you are just writing only about that keyword. Always keep in mind that access writing for any keywords in content  can make negative impact on seo.

Meta Tags: Always try to choose those keywords which most describe your page content and they are used in your content. You can try to put 5-10 keywords on each page.

Now just try to do these changes in your website and you will get some good result. Make some better links with same industry websites to get better results.

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