How to manage my website for Google seo?


Search engine optimization is a process to increase visibility on a website or web page in Google. Google seo basically to bring site in Google top results to drive more and more traffic your website. Google always bring those website on top which are having good and latest content.

Website should be mobile friendly and urls must be SEO friendly with proper keyword name which are used in given content of that page. SEO friendly URLS always attract visitors to visit site because, those explain about that web page.

Google love to crawl, original and unique content from websites very frequently. You must try to write meaningful and unique content to bring your site on top among others.
Use ur to analyze your website SEO reports and do necessary fixes. There are so many tools to manage and find seo errors in your site.

Check if your site is mobile friendly here

Google provide webmaster tools add your website there and verify it after verify you start getting Google alerts for seo errors and down times and if there is any crawling errors you will get reports of that too.

There so many other tools in Google webmaster which can help you to optimize your website to make it completely seo friendly site. You will start getting organic traffic which is free of cost for you.

Along with Google seo you must target local search engines also which can bring more weight to your website to come on Google first page. There are so many local search engines or directories you can find in Google search and most of them are free for use and register. These local directories links drive traffic to your website as well as you are creating inbond links to your site, some of them have good seo ranking and Google PR. This means you are getting free link building with popular and higher rank sites.

Never use un-related keywords on your webpage which not explaining about your content and services. If you use these kind of keywords can lead you negative ranking in Google. Sometimes you can read google announcements and news about their search algorithms and changes.

Google follow very strong policy for their advertiser and publishers website. So, your website should be Google policy compliance website to avoid negative impact on SEO and get site ranked on first page of Google search.

At the end Google seo can bring you more and more free traffic and your business can reach to next step.

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