How to sell my established website online?


Want to sell your website? we are here to help you. If you have an established website which is getting good organic traffic and making good money, you can sell it. If you don’t want keep your website longer with your and want make money from that we will help you to sell it.

Before, to sell any website you must consider these steps to analyse its cost and find interested buyer to buy it.

How much money is making website on monthly basis. Is this earning from adsense or Affiliate Partners, or selling private ads. if your site getting good traffic from google search and making average $100-$200 you may get 5 times of your monthly earning.

When you list your website some where for sale you must explain all about site, so buyer will get sufficient info to make decision to buy and attract them to view your listing. explains things about site such as:

  • Brief history of the site
  • Monetization methods used and their effectiveness
  • Technology used
  • Inclusions (such as domains, apps or social accounts)
  • Your plan for transaction and handover
  • Reason for selling

Or, it’s better to contact us to sell your website we just charge you 10% of total selling cost after deducting all the expanses included in selling. May be our team like your site niche and idea, if site has great potential¬† to grow in future we will buy it our self.

You can submit your website and here and get a free website review to analyse cost of site and offers from us. We buy most of our client’s sites for better price. You may get up to 10 times of average earning for few months.

So, when you can get big amount from your website at once why you should wait for longer to earn monthly. Sell your website and get money then you can start more bigger project and earn more better with new idea of site.


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