How to analyse website traffic to buy?


Website analysis is not a easy task now days. Because, there are lot traffic booster websites and software. These software can bring millions traffic on websites but actually that’s not real one. So, Question is How to analyze if website has real traffic on not. Google analytics is the Most efficient tool  to check website reports and collect data for different aspects.

Once you make good reports about traffic on any website you can make a good decision to buy it or not.  If website has not real traffic then there is no use of that site to buy. You will loose your money and website will be just dump.

So, always try to analysis  many stats about traffic such as.

  1. Alexa Ranking:- If website has good Alexa Rank then you can understand that this website has some good real traffic. Need to find out source of traffic which you can generate reports from alexa it self  or your can use Google analytic for it.
  2. How many keywords are in google:- There are so many keywords checker tools by them you can analysis how many keywords google or other search engines indexed. suppose to use Alexa as well to check keywords and check here.
  3. Check how many pages of site google indexed:- To analysis website traffic you  must check how many pages google indexed because if google not index much pages then site can not have good organic traffic. just put this in google and you will see number of indexed pages by google.
  4. Domain age:- Age of domain also can be consider to buy a website and analyze its traffic. because if domain is the more older can get more search traffic from google and other traffic sites.

Hope this info can help you guys to understand traffic aspect of any site before buy and make decision to buy. Website analysis can you keep you safe to invest money in wrong website.

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